Dreilandyoga Festival 2019

You lovely yogis and yoginis from Basel and the Dreiland, have you heard? The Dreilandyoga Festival will go into its second round in 2019! Whether you are a yoga teacher, student or newcomer, whether you just want to go to a great event to have coffee with cool people: the Dreiland Yoga Festival is the right event for you!


WHAT is the Dreiland Yoga Festival?

It's a whole day of yoga. It's a day of movement, breath, laughter, learning, fun, enjoyment, community and yoga leggings. It means sharing a passion together and gaining experience. That means you have the opportunity to try different yoga teachers and styles, you can expand your practice and knowledge and more! All these offers come from wonderful people from Basel and the Dreiland for you.


Roll out your mat in different classes, get to know new teachers and yoga styles, move your body, flow through the asanas, breathe, find your center and meet many like-minded people. Treat yourself to this day when you can leave the stress behind, feel super in your body and finally go home with a happy smile on your face. We are looking forward to a lot of fun, community and well-being. In the immediate vicinity of France and Germany, we wish for a border-lifting encounter for a common passion. We want to come together to enjoy, in connection and in equivalence.


Where you come from, whether you are a beginner or yoga teacher, whether you are tall or small, everyone is welcome at the Dreilandyoga Festival!


* Schedule 02.10.19 * 

Class descriptions

Session 1 09:30-10:45 Uhr

Katonah Flow /w Jasmin (D/E)

[Kalea Yoga

Fold & Unfold – Yoga as Origami

a Katonah Yoga-inspired Vinyasa Flow class

In this class we will play with the idea of using yoga asanas as origami for the body. You will use your joints to fold and unfold poses like origami forms. This way you will learn how the body is designed to fit together. Look forward to experience stability, dimension and vision in your postures within the classical frame of a Vinyasa Flow class.


Katonah Yoga is a Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years that incorporates classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination.


About Jasmin

It all started with a Hatha Yoga course until I finally found my yoga style in Vinyasa Yoga a few years ago. For about a year now I've been diving deeper into the ideas and techniques of Katonah Yoga  which highly influence and refine my yoga practice and teaching.

My yoga classes are characterized by flowing movements and at the same time I put a strong focus on alignment. I understand alignment as a technique to position you in the yoga postures in such a way that it brings you the greatest possible benefit and allows energy to flow freely in order to maintain your body healthy.

Jivamukti Yoga /w Kristen (E)


Earth and Sky : Sthira Sukham Asanam

PYS 2.46

Effort without Ease is simply Exaggeration!

We live in a world that promotes go go go and achievement. This can result in burnout, discouragement, and feeling like we are never in the right place.  What if we actually explored and applied the qualities of Sthira and Sukham that Patanjali tells us we must cultivate, in order to experience True Peace and Contentment? This class will weave chanting, asana, pranayama, and meditation for every level. 

About Kristen

With 13 years of experience as a full time yoga instructor, an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, and a Deep Love for the Human Experience, Kristen weaves lessons from everyday life, chanting, and intelligent sequencing, with the addition of hands-on assists and a lot of joy into every class. Passionate about her Responsibilities as a teacher and her offering of the 250 hr YTT “Fertile Ground,” Kristen continues to be a student herself (Jivamukti Yoga, Thai Massage, Liquid Flow TT, Anatomy and Yoga Therapy Katonah Yoga).


Pilates /w Tanja (D/E)


Pilates - fasciae in motion

In this class you will perform Pilates fluently according to the fascial concept, creating space in your body and feeling freer in it. Healthy connective tissue (fascia) is elastic and firm at the same time, flexible and yet tear-resistant. The entire body is integrated into the movement processes. The holistic working across several muscles and joints allows you to minimize pressure and tightness, which gives you more freedom of movement and the feeling of lightness. Each exercise is repeated several times so that perception and individual adjustment are possible and we can experience support for the asana practice. The Pilates method shows that our body is an inseparable entity. 

About Tanja

Early on I realized that movement will always be an important part of my life. I experienced the connection of body and mind and its essential effect on the quality of life when I started practicing yoga in 2001 and Pilates a little later. I still teach and learn both paths today. In the daily working with people and their individuality I experience that especially the fascial pilates training can significantly support the asana practice. The focus of my classes is to integrate the body holistically into the movement via the fascial pathways and to expand completely in one's own body.

Session 2 11:15-12:30 Uhr

Inside Flow /w Sarah (E)


Inside Flow

My favorite yoga style has always been flow yoga. A few years ago I got to know Inside Flow and immediately fell in love. Inside Flow is an even more fluid form of yoga. In the rhythm of the music we flow from one movement to the next. We let the beat carry us until we become one with the movements and the music. It is a dance! And every Inside Flow is different. So if you like music and yoga, this is the right course for you!

About Sarah

I am one of the proud (!) co-founders of the wonderful Dreiland Yoga Festival. I feel honoured to be able to pass on what is so close to my heart. Yoga and meditation have really changed my life.

I know myself and my body better than ever before and am constantly learning and growing. I have learned how to restore my balance when it gets lost. How to reconnect and center. But also how I can pick myself up through movement and bring myself back into the flow. Yoga is such a wonderful tool!


Anusara Yoga & Journaling /w Bianca (E) [#biancafritz]

Anusara Yoga and Journaling - Playing with Boundaries 

Boundaries are important - we set them to protect ourselves, we move them carefully and consciously to grow. Do you know where your personal boundaries are? Can you feel them? Or do you only become aware of them again and again when you have crossed them? This yoga practice is about becoming aware of the value of boundaries. Between the asana sequences there are writing impulses. So you can experience the topic holistically: The written material flows into the physical practice and the physically experienced material is put on paper as well. 

About Bianca

Hello, I am Bianca and the marketing-lady in the Dreiland Yoga Team. Language is my element. I only discovered my love for movement when I realized: It exists without the idea of competition that often prevails in sport. Yoga has been giving me a loving connection to my body for nine years now. I learn to value it, to care for it and to use it as an instrument to have an effect on mind and soul. The universal principles of alignment, which I use in my lessons as an Anusara Elements teacher, help me to do this. 

Vinyasa Flow /w Michèle (E)


Vinyasa Krama Yoga

As soon as you are in a safe space that allows you to dive a little deeper with your breath the magic happens that invites a new perception of time. The practice is slowly and mindfully building up poses that allows your body to be prepared for the deeper stretches.

This class will allow you to reset and release through a constant flow and breathawareness, connected to your compassionate self. 

I will invite you in a class devoted to hip openings to use your breath as a magical tool, our essence, to release emotions and tension that no longer serves.

About Michèle

My teaching developed after a transformational process of inner strength and growth to become the best version of myself that I can be. It started 18 years ago with a self practice and the awareness that Yoga is a way to guide me to a deeper connection with myself. When I moved to Basel 5 years ago I continued my practice at B.Yoga and completed the 200 Hr. RYT Vinyasa Karma Teacher Training in spring 2016. For me guiding others requires an understanding of the responsability that I have in classes to create an energetical field that is inspiring and that allows people to feel safe. 


Session 3 13:45-15:00 Uhr

Yin Yoga /w Anya (D)


Relax in the here & now

In Yin Yoga the physical body is "put" into different postures for several minutes. Through this passive and releasing-oriented practice, the muscles are relaxed and the connective tissue is loosened. Lightness, flexibility and inner balance are achieved. With an alert mind, it is then possible to observe the sensations and changes in the body and thus practice attentiveness and presence.

In this class we will practice forward folds, back bends, side-openers and twist as well as poses to loosen the hip and shoulder girdle. A complete practice! 

About Anya

Together with my partner Nico we have been managing VOLTA YOGA since 2016 in St. Johann and new in the city centre of Basel. Yoga teacher and studio owner sounds great, to some like a dream job (it usually is), but even the teaching of yoga classes, the whole background work and the independence are - like most professions - very challenging on many levels. All the more grateful I am for my own yoga practice! Be it Vinyasa, Yin Yoga or mindfulness meditation, they all help me to find the necessary peace, strength and clarity for the challenges of life and work. And because it works so well, I am happy to pass on this "treasure" and look forward to the Yin Yoga session with you.

Budokon Yoga /w Silvia (D/E)

[Gesundheit & Bewegung]

Silvia's Class

Budokon Yoga is a contemporary yoga class that draws on the freedom of creative sequencing cultivated in Vinyasa Yoga and the circular nature of Martial Arts. Budokon is the art of seamless transition, coupled with the beauty of circular rotation, gaining functional strength, cardiovascular stamina and joint mobility. An opportunity for you to experience the first art form to blend Yoga & Martial Arts. 

About Silvia

as an Alternative Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, it is my goal to combine health & movement, to strengthen the consciousness of body & mind and to increase the well-being of each person as a whole. This includes, not only fitness (sports, dancing, running, etc.), nutrition and healthy sleep, but also looking at and making aware of stuck patterns and the courage to break them. To see beyond one's own nose, to recognize one's possibilities, create movement and freedom for one's own life. 

Movement is life - life is movement...

Embodied Flow /w Salome (D/E)



Our bones – once liquid as oceans, now solidified rivers, spiraling between gravity and space – are structurizing and stabilizing us. In this class we will explore, sense and embody organic and embriological pathways of these bone-rivers; how they grow from and flow into, inform and stabilize each other. We are playing with gravity and space, we will explore asana, mudra, sound and movement meditation, free the our bonechannels, to deepen our organic stability and allow effortless freedom.

embodied flow is an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, (movement-) meditation, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology, eliciting the experience of "flow”.

About Salome

It fascinates me anew to follow the flows and rhythms of the universe in and around us, experiencing them in the clear forms of yoga and sometimes still unclear forms of life. And to find ourselves within these forms. Inspired by nature and somatic practices, I am interested in how we can get into a state of "flow" - on the mat as in life. Yoga has accompanied me since my teenage years in different intensities and forms. I am a certified embodied flowTM faciliator, about to graduate as a somatic movement therapist and happy to be able to work with my heart team in the Studio noa:yoga on the Münsterhügel in Basel.

Session 4 15:30-16:45 Uhr

Ashtanga Yoga /w Arnaud (F/D/E)


Arnaud's Class

Everyone is welcome to attend my classes.

'Everybody can practice ashtanga yoga, except lazy people'  Sri K. Patthabi Jois.

I teach what I practice and I practice what I learned from my teacher. 'Parampara' the concept of transmission from teacher to student is omnipresent.

Through this meditation in movement, of which breathing  and rhythm are the key elements, observe yourself and taste this particular energy. 

'Ashtanga yoga is breathing. The rest is just bending'. Sri K. Patthabi Jois 

About Arnaud

Ashtanga yoga, this spiritual practice attracted me like a magnet. The methodical and profound approach to the development of Self, through my own body seduced me. This yogic discipline therefore settled firmly in my life and slowly infused into me. In 2014, I met Lino Miele, a student of Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois. During our meetings in Europe & India, I let myself be guided by Lino, during my experiences of practice, on the way to 'myself'.

Life is made of encounters and I am deeply grateful to these teachers who guide and support me. 

Hatha Yoga /w Martina (D/E)


Hatha-Yoga back to basic

The term Hatha is translated as power, endurance, energy. And the most common translation of Hatha Yoga is "Yoga of Power" or "Yoga of Energy". As described in the Hatha-Pradipika, in these 75 minutes we will immerse ourselves in the Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath control), Kumbhaka (breath retention) and Bandha (energy seal). First we go into the Ha-energy of power and standing asanas with fiery breathing. In the second half of 75 min. we go into the Tha-energy of gentleness of deep calm breathing and the sitting, lying, relaxing asanas and bandhas. Finally we reach the core - the silence in Shavasana.

About Martina (500 RYT)

Every day is a life and life is love. Based on this knowledge I founded YOve® in 2013. YOve means Yoga&Love and I convey this philosophy in my classes. Daily gratitude for the fact that I am allowed to pass on and share Yoga. It is the greatest gift for me. We do not become a yogi or yogini. We are by nature. The Yoga discipline (practice) is the experience of coming back to our pure essence. You can find more information about me and my trainings at www.yove-yoga.de

Yoga Nidra /w Ophelie (E)


Ophelie's Class

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping in which the body is completely relaxed and the practitioner becomes aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.


In other words you'll be able to relax deeply, feel your body and work on your Sankalpa or rather let the magic happen!


About Ophelie

Hi I'm Ophélie, one of the co-founder of this beautiful Festival, representing the french side of Dreiländereck! I used to practice all kinds of yoga styles, from Jivamukti to Yin until a lower back injury forced me to reorient my practice. Now, I mostly do very gentle movements, restorative and my new fav: Yoga Nidra.

I use that tool when my body needs a break. It's a nice reset for the body, mind and impacts all of the Koshas. That's what I'd like to share with you this year! In that class you'll be able to unwind from that exciting day while also working on your intentions and more!


The number of participants in the workshops is limited to 10 persons. Participation is therefore subject to registration. If you have already purchased a ticket, you can find out by e-mail how to register a few days before the festival.

09:30 Hanuman Workshop /w Emily  (E)



Hanuman takes Flight!

Achieve the impossible with Hanuman! Join Emily in getting to know the great Monkey Superhero, a well known symbol of bravery and devotion from Indian mythologies. This session will include: Storytelling, a Vinyasa Yoga Flow, and a simple Mantra to Hanuman. In honor of his giant leap Hanuman has his own pose: Hanumanasana (Splits). The Asana practice will take us through opening the hamstrings and legs while working towards the Splits. This will lead into exploring flight in the arm balance Eka Pada Koundinyasana (One Footed Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya).

About Emily

Emily has a love for her practice. She considers herself - first and foremost - a student of yoga, knowing that the experience and joy of teaching enriches and deepens her own personal study. For the past four years Emily has been fully dedicated to her teaching path; completing her 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Stephens as well as her Registered Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Whether working with adults or children, for Emily, every class is a venture in blending playfulness and mindfulness on the mat.

11:15 FeetUp® Workshop /w Birgit  (D/E)


Come, play discover - Discover & Change Perspective

The FeetUp® enables you to broaden and vary your yoga practice. It’s also a good support for shortened muscles, balance and range of motion. Inversions can be safely and easily achieved which will help you discover new things, and a change of perspective of the outside and inside.

Disclaimer: Not suited for people with high (untreated) blood pressure or acute injuries (head, neck, shoulders)

About Birgit

I am very grateful for having re-discovered Yoga a couple of years ago. Since I completed the teacher training, I am striving to deepen and broaden different aspects of bodywork.

In my Hatha-based Yoga sessions with static and flowing elements, I aim to connect people with their inner self, to dive deep inside to their own source of energy and (Self)Love. 

13:45 Living Infused Workshop /w Martina  (D)


The Power of Living Infused.

We create our own Reality.

Is life happening to you or are you creating it?! Are you a ruminant/ regurgitator of a reality that you have to get along with, or are you the creator of your reality?! Are you a victim or a slave to beliefs and internalised dogmas you hold about what you should be, or are you living self- determined, walking and dancing to the melody of your own heart?! - We can learn to reconnect to our inner being, to our core, to unconditional love and infinite intelligence, our true, divine self. Inspired by this core inner being, we can learn to create our life. We can learn, that we live in an attraction based universe. We can create a peaceful, fullfilled, happy, successful life, not dependant on circumstances. We then overflow with the power of this inner being into a cocreation with others. We have to BE the change. Lets dream the dream . Lets start with us. It is an inside job. We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. But is has to start within.

About Martina

A lifelong inner calling for wisdom, truth, divine Source, being happy and at peace within myself and within this world, has lead me through ups and downs to teachings and teachers and masters. It lead me to always revolving perspectives, insights and deepenings to a never ending, eternal changing, rich being. …… And life itself still is and always has been the best teacher!

My career : movement- and dancetherapy,psychosomatic doctrine, breathing therapy, psychological counseling, hypnosis, family constellation, indonesian shamanism, indian meditation techniques, spiritual enneagram, mental training, matrix energetics, medial coaching, deliberate creation of reality, law of attraction, art of allowing, transformational processes, change from the inside out... and so much more. Mother of 4 adult children. Grandmother of the first grandchild.

15:30 Qi Yoga Workshop /w Luisa  (D)

[Meyo House Yoga Basel]


Qi Yoga - start autumn with yoga and Chinese medicine

In autumn, light and temperatures have an effect on our minds and mood. We become calmer, spend more time inside again. Now we get rid of all the superfluous things we don't need for the winter. Important things are separated from unimportant things.  

In order to support this separation, this letting go within us, we work with breathing, because with it we are in direct contact with the environment, as a connection between inside and outside. So we can support letting go with Pranayama. By selecting asanas for the metal meridians lung and colon from Chinese medicine we strengthen the element in us and tune in to the autumn season. 

About Luisa

My name is Luisa Fregnan, I have been teaching yoga classes with pleasure for 5 years. I learn new things about myself, my body and the world. Yoga brings me peace, movement and fun, mostly exactly what I need at the moment. Yoga helps me to organize myself and to face everyday life with a certain calmness.   

I am currently in my final year of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and am enthusiastic about the diversity of this ancient science. Countless parallels to yoga philosophy have led me to incorporate aspects of TCM into my classes and to combine exciting topics.  


The participation in a massage session takes place after registration. If you have already purchased a ticket, you can find out by e-mail how to register a few days before the festival.


09:30-12:00 Thai Yoga Massage /w Cynthia

[Praxis Scarpatetti Basel]

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a very old Buddhist healing massage with roots in Yoga, Ayurveda and the Eastern philosophies.

Through pressure point massage and gentle stretching of your entire body, the energy channels are activated and opened.

The massage restores flow and lightness to your body. This gives you more energy, concentration and strength. Diseases and pain can be positively influenced and your blood circulation stimulated. 

About Cynthia

A few years ago a friend of mine told me, that Thai Yoga Massage would be great for me - she was so right! As a naturopathic practitioner (TCM) doing Yoga, the Thai Yoga Massage gave me a medium to combine Chinese Medicine, passive Yoga and Massage. 

12:00-14:30 Shiatsu /w Nina

[ninasternthal Basel]


In SHIATSU (literally means « finger pressure ») all of these aspects come together as one. It is a Japanese art of mindful touch, which balances the flow of energies in your body and revitalises your natural forces for self healing. It is a holistic therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine. By skillfully stimulating specific pathways called meridians (soft stretching, rotations and mindful pressure along the meridians) the therapist attempts to restore the balanced flow. Shiatsu is unlimited in movement, in depth of touch and in it‘s variety of techniques. 

About Nina

4 things touch my heart in deepest ways ever since:

Movement in all its forms: Yoga, dance, to swim in lakes/rivers, Tai Chi & Qi Gong, hiking. Nature: wind in my hair, the wide open sky, the energy & wisdom from the trees. Exchange between the world (in movement, touch, stillness) and me. Silence allows me to feel one with the great mystery. 

14:30-17:00 Esalen Massage /w Dominique

[Esalen Basel]

Esalen Massage

The Esalen massage is a full body massage. It consists of lightly flowing strokes over the entire length of the body, passive joint movements and deep structural work on muscles and joints. Gentle, rocking movements, combined with energetic balancing of the body, always in harmony with breathing.

Through the conscious touch the sensory perception of the body is sharpened and a harmonious balance is brought about.

Skin and blood circulation as well as the metabolic and lymphatic system are stimulated, muscles and the nervous system relax. Tendons and ligaments are stretched over the muscles and a feeling of relaxation spreads throughout the body.

About Dominique

In addition to my many years of work in the media industry, I have been involved in bodywork for over two decades. When I received an Esalen massage for the first time, I immediately knew that I wanted to learn and pass on this type of massage. Again and again I am very touched by this deep and beautiful body work. Of giving and taking. 

As an Esalen Therapist I offer you a space to perceive your body as a whole and to let your mind come to rest. Through the attentive touches and the deep relaxation we create a pleasant connection to the heart.

Tickets & Pricing

Limited Super Early Bird Sale 1.8.19

* only 15 Tickets *

50 CHF 
Early Bird until 31.8.19 70 CHF 
Regular Tickets until 28.9.19 80 CHF 
Last Tickets until 19.10.19 90 CHF 

For the ticket purchase we use the platform Eventbrite. There you need a PayPal account for the purchase process. If you don't have a PayPal account and want to buy a ticket, please send a message to dreilandyoga@gmail.com!

Location: Schulhaus Erlenmatt Basel

The schoolhouse Erlenmatt is a great new building in the Erlenmatt quarter, which offers us a lot of space. We have three huge, modern gyms and a beautiful auditorium with a fantastic view. There are also some beautiful sun terraces where you can enjoy the october sun during the break. It will be fantastic! 


The Dreiland Yoga Festival will be a gathering of people with a common passion, regardless of their origin. We are very grateful that we can realize this vision for the second time in 2019!