Dreilandyoga Festival 2018

Lovely yogis and yoginis from Basel and the Dreiland, have you heard? Finally we have our own yoga festival here!

Whether you are a yoga teacher, student or newcomer, whether you just want to go to a great event to have coffee with great people: the Dreiland Yoga Festival is the right place for you!


WHAT is the Dreiland Yoga Festival?

It's a whole day of yoga. It is a day of practice, breathing, laughter, learning, fun, enjoyment, community and yoga leggings. It means sharing a passion and gaining experience together. 

You have the opportunity to try out different yoga styles and meet different teachers. You can expand your practice, knowledge and  even enjoy a massage. All of these practices are offered by wonderful people from the border triangle CH, DE, FR for YOU.


Roll out your mat, move your body, flow through the asanas, breathe, find your center and meet many like-minded people.

Allow yourself this day when you can leave the stress behind, feel great in your body and finally go home with a content smile on your face. We are looking forward to a lot of fun, community and well-being.


Refreshments and delicious food can be found at Turbinenhaus. The location offers the perfect setting to make this day unforgettable. In the immediate vicinity of France and Germany, we wish for a borderless encounter for a common passion. We want to come together to enjoy, in connection and in equivalence.

No matter where you come from, whether you are a beginner or a yoga teacher, everyone is welcome at the Dreiland Yoga Festival!


We are looking forward to meet you!




The Program

* Program version of Sep. 17th 18 *

Yoga classes

09:30-10:45 am

Vinyasa Krama Yoga with Daniela (E) [BYoga Basel]

Intention - Design your life

Vinyasa has the potential of creating the space in which we become aware of awareness itself. A meditation teacher once told me: you can choose to be an unconscious victim of your thoughts or a conscious creator of your life. This yoga practice encompasses breath and body work movement to awaken and access the capacity to adventure our inner landscapes, reconnect to their guidance and become the designer creator of our own life path.




About Daniela

Daniela is a designer/artist/curator who discovered Yoga in the late 90’s during her Design studies in Mexico City. Yoga spoke to the body’s memories of her gymnast years from early childhood and her innate spiritual curiosity. Daniela has studied with many teachers and various methods of Yoga, but the most informing source to her teachings are her own yoga and creative practice, a geeky, secretive obsession on learning about the Psyche and, moreover, her curious mind. You may find her connecting Yoga philosophy with Art theory one day, and then another talking about the incredible potential of Vinyasa practice on Neuroplasticity.

Somatic Flow with Salome (D/E) [noa:yoga Basel]

Connect & Fly – Moving from the Heart and the Lungs

Our heart is carried by our lungs, it nourishes them with blood and connects these with eachother. The wings of our lungs protect, nourish, carry and rock our heart gently with each breath. The awareness and embodiement of this metaphor can embody in us a sense of deep connectedness, inner stability and in the real sense of the expression „offer us wings“. We will take time to connect with the texture, the tissue and movements of our lungs and our heart; we will get into the felt sense, „embody“ our heart and our lungs. This feeling and consiousness will carry us through the breath of movement mediation and asana.


About Salome

The fundamental questions of a human being on the doorsteps to puberty, questioning and doubting everything brought me to Yoga – which became my physical, spiritual and mental ancor through these years and later as an actor, when I knew that Yoga would become important to me at some time in my life. On the path of becoming an Anusara inspired teacher I met Katchie Ananda, who opened the dimension of metta and selfcompassion to me. Since having met Embodied flow tm – a living understanding of Yoga, connecting somatic and embodiement practices with tantric philosophy - I feel at home here, becoming an Embodied Flow Fasciliator and ISMETA EF Somatic Movement Therapist. In my classes embodiement and somatic practices flow into asana in a fluid and organic way, interwoven with tantric philosophy and buddhist mindfulness practices.    

11:00 am -12:15 pm

Inside Flow with Sarah (E) [yogara Basel]


To the rythm of the music we flow from one asana to the next. Modern beats are leading our breath and movements. In a playful way we learn a yoga choreography that will finally fit exactly to a special piece of music. You will be enchanted by a class full of passion and fun. 





About Sarah

Sarah loves to practice and teach yoga to the sound of music. Music can awake emotions, it touches, motivates, moves and flows. For Sarah music and yoga is the perfect combination to really be able to let go of the daily stress and find back to the here and now, where hapiness and lightness awaits one. As well as on the mat as next to it. 

Anusara Yoga with Bianca (D) [Sukhi Yoga Basel]

Freedom grows out of stability

In this yoga class we first connect with our base: our breath and the exact alignment of everything that touches the ground. Then we build up strength and direct it upwards: We grow into freedom and the full expansion of asanas. Anusara lessons contain flowing elements, but also phases in which we consciously and slowly work on our alignment. This gives us the security to go deeper, to try something new. The class is carried by a tantric-philosophical heart theme.


About Bianca

Yoga means for me: constant further development, a process in which one grows, but is nevertheless perfect exactly where one stands. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and have found a home in Anusara Yoga. As an Anusara Elements teacher, it is particularly important to me that the asanas are performed painlessly and safely and that the students leave the class with a smile. I would like to incorporate yogic philosophy in such a way that it also touches newcomers and skeptics, and they find parallels to their everyday life. On my blog sukhiyoga I report about my yoga path, offer my yoga classes and social media coaching.    

01:15-02:30 pm

Vinyasa Flow with Jasmin (D/E) [Kalea Yoga Weil am Rhein]

Cross the Midline & find your center * a Katonah-inspired Vinyasa Flow

In this class we will play with a central esoteric principle from the Katonah Yoga framework: all polarities are mediated by trinity. We will play around with right and left, with front and back, with your north above you and your south below you with the aim of mediating the polarities to find your center in-between. Look forward to a mixture of asymmetric postures and twists woven into the classical frame of a Vinyasa Flow class.

Katonah Yoga is a Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years that incorporates classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination.


About Jasmin

It all started with a Hatha Yoga course until I finally found my yoga style in Vinyasa Yoga a few years ago. For about a year now I've been diving deeper into the ideas and techniques of Katonah Yoga  which highly influence and refine my yoga practice and teaching.

My yoga lessons are characterized by flowing movements and at the same time I put a strong focus on alignment. I understand alignment as a technique to position you in the yoga postures in such a way that it brings you the greatest possible benefit and allows energy to flow freely in order to maintain your body healthy.

Kundalini Yoga with Cristina [Cristina Hagmann]

Prana Boost

Give yourself a Prana Boost, breathe in courage and let go of fear.


About Cristina

Cristina draws from the full experience of life and living. 

She loves to support people to be alive, touched and moved. She sees herself as a travel companion and catalyst on the way to inner strength and joy. Her passion is to support the empowerment and embodiment of people to arrive completely in their bodies and to help them unlock their vitality and self-empowerment. She originally studied art and design, but her interest in Sport, dance and martial arts brought her to find her vocation in yoga and bodywork.

Cristina has been teaching Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and meditation for 13 years and leads regular workshops. Her great enthusiasm for the wonder that we are, keeps her on a never-ending quest. Through her therapeutic practices, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and Osteo Thai, BBTR (breathwork), TRE (trauma and stress release) and Yoga Coaching, she supports people in groups and one-to-one to search for their vision and inner strength. What fascinates her most in yoga as well as in therapeutic work is the power of breath. In our breath we meet ourselves and in our breath we connect to the environment. 

This is also the focus of her dynamic yoga classes full of prana. Based on the tantric approach of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra,Yin Yoga and fascia training, Shamanic Breathwork, Capoeira and dance she creates yoga flows with a strong transformative impact.

02:45-04:00 pm

Jivamukti Yoga with Kristen (E) [thelookingglass Basel]

Root & Remain

A 75min Jivamukti Yoga Class focusing on Standing Asanas and our Connection to the Earth. Life is Full of Ups and Downs and those moments that seem to knock us off our feet. When the rug has been pulled, remember: you've already learned to breathe on one foot, or even on two hands. Root and Remain - combining asana, sutra, pranayama, meditation, with the 5 tenets of Jivamukti woven throughout, deepen your understanding of this incredible method.


About Kristen

While I was growing up, my Mum taught Kids yoga classes, so my twin sister and I were immersed in all things crystals and tarot cards at a very young age. Later, when I was about 20 yrs old, she took me to a workshop in Los Angeles w Erich Shiffman, which reopened the door to the physical practices of yoga for me.

Jivamukti Yoga is the style I teach and love for the past 13 years. However you will see all sorts of elements from Iyengar yoga, Liquid Flow, functional movement, Thai Massage, acro yoga, restorative, and fascia exploration popping up according to the student’s needs.

Yoga for the Back with Martina [YOve Yoga Weil am Rhein]

Yoga for the Back

In these 75 minutes your back will be mobilized with a gentle vinyasa flow. With pranayama, energy asanas and stretching you will feel how blockages and tensions dissolve. You will enjoy the end of this class in a 15 min. singing bowl Shavasana.





About Martina

Sometimes my yoga class is powerful and fluid, other time the class is quiet and meditative. The lesson is adapted to the season, the wishes and needs of the individual participants. 

In 2000 I came to yoga thanks to Arlette Herzig (founder of Power-Yoga-Switzerland and Sprit-Studio.ch). Arlette died in March 2014 - she is still in my heart in each of my hours. I then immersed myself in the absolute DEPTH of Yoga with Marcel Stöckli (Basel-Living Buddha) and made the RYT 500.

04:30-05:45 pm

Introduction to Qi Yoga with Luisa (D) [Meyohouse Basel]

Qi Yoga

In this class you will get a short introduction to traditional Chinese medicine and how it can be combined with yoga. In Chinese medicine Qi describes our life energy, which flows through the channels (meridians). Tension or mental unrest can be caused by a qi jam. We will practice balancing and harmonizing asanas to balance body, mind and breath. Special stretching exercises address the meridians and dissolve blockages. The training of body perception and mindfulness towards oneself promote the free flow of qi.


About Luisa

I teach a gentle variation of the Vinyasa style. Sometimes more fluent, sometimes calmer with Hatha Yoga elements. In my lessons we create a connection of body, mind and breath and bring peace into the often hectic everyday life. For two years I have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and let exciting aspects of it flow into my lessons. My Homebase as a Yogateacher is the Meyo House in Kleinbasel which I also run.

Yin Yoga and Essential Oils with Ophelie (E) [thejourneyofelie]

Yin & Essential Oils

Relax Reset Renew with the help of YIN-Restorative yoga poses and unwinding Essential Oils such as Lavender & Ylang Ylang. Learn to let go, turn inwards, observe, observe and observe, without judgment of course ;)  Work on the fascialines, nervous system and meridians. Come out of class blissed out!





About Ophelie

I discovered Yoga 10 years ago and instantly got addicted to the relaxed feeling post- class. I started with Hatha, Jivamukti, Vinyasa and all kind of practices and found YIN along the way. Although it wasn’t love at first sight, YIN-Restorative is now my favorite style to share. YIN offers more awareness of body mind & breath. It‘s like meditating but with lots of support, tricks and tools. My 2 ‘mantras’: 1.Magic happens when stillness occurs. 2.Energy flows where attention goes. 


The number of participants in the workshops is limited to 10 persons. Therefore participation takes place after registration.


How can I register?

The link to register for a workshop will be sent a few weeks before the festival to all those who have already bought a ticket.

Surf-Yoga with Lars (D/E) [YellowSUP Lörrach]

09:15-10:00 am & 10:05-10:50 am



Yoga on the yoga board

Practicing on the yoga board transforms your yoga practice into a special balancing act. Similar to surfing, practicing on the yoga board puts particular strain on your core muscles. The unstable pad challenges your body tension and brings a lot of aloha experience into your yoga practice.


About Lars

Through luck and the convincing yoga classes of Jasmin I came to yoga. My very first yoga experience was unfortunately not very appealing, but everything deserves a second chance and now yoga and I are pretty best friends. I am a Stand Up Paddle instructor and teach Vinyasa Power Yoga, influenced by elements of Katonah Yoga.

Toe-Ga (Toe-Yoga) with Lorina (D) [Kerngesund Lörrach]

11:00 am - 12:15 pm




Toe-yoga is a term from barefoot coaching and natural running. Why this is needed quickly becomes clear when you see figures about foot malpositions. Due to wrong shoes, the feet, which have to carry a relatively huge body with their small surface, are often in a sadly weak condition. This causes knee and back pain. Why don't you try spreading only your big toe up, that's Toega! We strengthen the musculature and coordination of the feet and I tell meanwhile more exactly, why this is so important!


About Lorina

What brought me to foot health, was, coming across knee pain while running. The pain was often so strong, that after only three kilometers, I could not continue. The classical way led over orthopedic insoles to still more problems and pain until I began as a health promoter to investigate on my own. So I started with Natural Running in Minimal Shoes and finally trained as a Natural Running Coach at the Barefoot Academy. Especially with children it is so important to let them walk barefoot! 

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop with Cynthia (D/E) [Praxis Scarpatetti] 01:15-02:30 pm




This ancient buddhist massage is a full-body treatment, that applies accupressure and soft stretches to restore the flow of energy in your body.

The Thai Yoga Massage Workshop with Cynthia is a give and take in its most wonderful form! She will teach you how to touch, move and stretch each others bodies in pairs. To the workshop you can come alone or together.


About Cynthia

A few years ago a friend of mine told me, that Thai Yoga Massage would be great for me - she was so right! As a naturopathic practitioner (TCM) doing Yoga, the Thai Yoga Massage gave me a medium to combine Chinese Medicine, passive Yoga and Massage. 

"Happiness is a key" with Martina (D)

02:45-04:00 pm

There is no way to HAPPINESS

HAPPINESS is the way. 

(… said a wise soul…)

Just being happy for no reason - but how ?!

Inspirations and fresh impulses/ imputs to find out a little bit more about our own unconditional HAPPINESS ! We learn about the creating of our own reality in our attraction based universe with the art of allowing.

Unconditional HAPPINESS !

HAPPY for no reason… just like that!

HAPPINESS is a key……


About Martina:


Aerial Yoga with Christine [@christinefurler]

02:45-04:00 pm & 04:30-05:45 pm

IMPORTANT: The Aerial Yoga classes take place at Yogastudio MINT, Rebgasse 43, Basel!


Welcome aboard! An introduction to Aerial Yoga. Blending energizing and calming movements into a unique form of working with your body. You get a first glimpse and some good techniques to take off and experience the benefits of suspension, playfully working against gravity but also letting gravity do the work for you.

For your own benefit please wear tight fitting clothes covering your knees and shoulders.


About Christine

Panama island living and a lifestyle change in so many ways brought me to yoga. I traded Europe for the Caribbean and competitive dance for yoga. Several teacher trainings and countless hours of immersing (Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Aerial Yoga) have followed and here I am today with a backpack full of concoctions that are flavored with my passion for dance and aerial arts.

Shamanic Healing Journey with Francesca [Federleicht Basel]

04:30-05:45 pm

To experience healing holistically, it takes the integration of body, mind and soul. In the Shamanic Healing Journey we travel together to the places where we go into contraction, where we hold on and perhaps still lack the courage to let go in order to send healing and activate our self-healing powers. We specifically purify and clarify our chakras and bring our energy body back into balance to regain new strength and to get closer to ourselves, our truth, our magical essence.

I accompany you on your journey with crystals, oils, essences, tuning forks, my voice and my drum. Our 75 minutes together will be a sacred space in which everything is allowed, everything can be. A place where it's all about you.


About Francesca

I am Francesca, medicine woman, shaman, acupressure therapist, alchemist, herbalist, mother, confidante, lover, freethinker, heart person, earthling and much more. I support women to feel connection to themselves and everything that is.  I help my clients to find their intuition and their femininity and above all I help them to remember that they are magical, wonderful beings who already carry all the wisdom, all the knowledge and all the strength in them. I work holistically with body, mind and soul, energy fields, past and present. 


Throughout the day you have the opportunity to enjoy a 20-minute long massage session. The participation in a massage takes place after registration and on donation basis - our massage experts are very pleased about a small donation for their offers.


How can I book a massage?

The link to book a massage session will be sent a few weeks before the festival to all those who have already bought a ticket.


Thai Yoga Massage mit Cynthia [Praxis Scarpatetti Basel]

09:20-10:40 am


Thai Yoga Massage is a very old Buddhist healing massage with roots in Yoga, Ayurveda and the Eastern philosophies.

Through pressure point massage and gentle stretching of your entire body, the energy channels are activated and opened.

The massage restores flow and lightness to your body. This gives you more energy, concentration and strength. Diseases and pain can be positively influenced and your blood circulation stimulated. 


About Cynthia

A few years ago a friend of mine told me, that Thai Yoga Massage would be great for me - she was so right! As a naturopathic practitioner (TCM) doing Yoga, the Thai Yoga Massage gave me a medium to combine Chinese Medicine, passive Yoga and Massage. 

Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage with Olivia [Ashtanga Freiburg]

11:00 am -12:40 pm

Movement means life. In my treatments I am combining dynamic Thai Yoga Massage with osteopathic principles and techniques. Gentle movements create space in blocked body parts, help to release tension in the body and calm down the nervous system, which can lead to deep relaxation. The incorporation of osteopathic techniques enhance specific joint articulations.


About Olivia 

I first came in touch with Thai Yoga Massage through Acroyoga. The short sequences at the end of the Acroyoga sessions made me courious to discover this art of mindful touch. It was two years ago that I attended my first Thai Massage course in Sunshine House, Greece. Since then I am infected by the Thai Massage virus. I am grateful to continously study different styles of Thai Yoga Massage with teachers from the Sunshine Network as well as traditional Thai Massage with great Masters in Thailand.

Balinese Massage with Lukas [Encourage Basel]

01:00-02:40 pm

The balinese massage is more than 550 years old and starts traditionally with a footbath. It serves to bring the visitor from the outside to the inside, from daily routine to himself. The balinese massage includes a mixture of stroking and acupressure, as well as stretching the body sometimes. The movements of the therapist‘s hands are fluent and to increase the pressure he might use the elbow. As in the traditionional balinese massage, Lukas uses a natural jojoba oil for his treatments. A massage with Lukas is a curative, beneficial and holistic experience and you are gonna feel balanced and relaxed afterwards.


About Lukas

Lukas is the founder of Encourage, a center for health and sustainability in Basel. He had the idea to build this center a few years ago, when he was traveling the world on his bicycle. Lukas had many interests in his life, he wanted to become a massage therapist, be a coach or teach yoga. To be able to combine all of his passions he created Encourage.

From traveling through so many countries of this world, Lukas knows many different types of therapy. The balinese massage was his favourite and so he went to learn this technique.

Shiatsu with Nina [ninasternthal Basel]

04:00-05:40 pm



In SHIATSU (literally means « finger pressure ») all of these aspects come together as one. It is a Japanese art of mindful touch, which balances the flow of energies in your body and revitalises your natural forces for self healing. It is a holistic therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine. By skillfully stimulating specific pathways called meridians (soft stretching, rotations and mindful pressure along the meridians) the therapist attempts to restore the balanced flow. Shiatsu is unlimited in movement, in depth of touch and in it‘s variety of techniques. 


About Nina

4 things touch my heart in deepest ways ever since:

Movement in all its forms: Yoga, dance, to swim in lakes/rivers, Tai Chi & Qi Gong, hiking. Nature: wind in my hair, the wide open sky, the energy & wisdom from the trees. Exchange between the world (in movement, touch, stillness) and me. Silence allows me to feel one with the great mystery. 



from 06:00 pm: Concert with Zarek Silberschmidt

How does it happen to be that you are a musician?

To put it simply, it's a love affair, when I play I am my happiest, the rest is history. What I really love about being a musician is being able to share something with people that breaks down all communication barriers, so we can all enjoy the amazing thing that is music.


About his music

I practice with many different styles. I have mastered none of them, but each approach to music has taught me something different. To choose a word I say my style is expressive.

More about Zarek & his music: www.zarekmusician.com

Tickets & Pricing

Super Early Bird Tickets on 01.08.18 CHF 50
Early Bird until 25.08.18 CHF 60
Regular Price until 23.09.18 CHF 70
Last Tickets until 13.10.18  CHF 80 

We use the platform Eventbrite to sell our tickets. There you will need a PayPal account to complete your purchase. If you don't have a PayPal account and want to buy a ticket, please send us a message to dreilandyoga@gmail.com!

Location: Turbinenhaus/Aktienmühle Basel

The Aktienmühle is centrally located in Kleinhüningen, Basel, but also close to France and Germany. In addition, the large workshop house offers great rooms with industrial charm, which are ideal as yoga rooms. Thanks to the cooperation with the internal restaurant with bar, delicious and healthy food is also provided. 

The Dreiland Yoga Festival is intended to be a meeting of people with a common passion that transcends borders. To make this possible, we found a great location with the Aktienmühle and the Turbinenhaus restaurant in Basel.